Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Deerwoman Designs: Beginning Thoughts

If you are interested in the following, maybe we have something to chat about: Jewelry-making, gemstones, selling your craft on the net, rocks and minerals, beads, jewelry design, photographing jewelry, and more. I'll keep adding to this list.

I am a jewelry designer located in the Chicago area, and have been making jewelry for 15+ years. I use mainly gemstone beads and precious metals. I make jewelry because I love working with the stones. It gives me a wonderful excuse to hold them, gaze at them and spend lots of time learning about them. They are so beautiful in themselves. I want to celebrate this. But they also become something so different when they become part of something made by people.

We are all so different and what we turn out with similar materials allows us endless possibilities to create something beautiful. That's why I like to look at what other people make. This infinite creativity is inspiring and fascinating to me. Still, when I am truly following my feelings the items I create seem to have a particular style or character which is uniquely mine.

What do you think about when you are making jewelry or your work of art? What brings an idea to your mind? How do you decide what materials to choose?

Are you interested in the rocks, minerals and crystals you use to make your pieces? Do you know where they come from? What do you like about them? Do you have any favorites? Have you seen any unusual ones lately?

If you want to see any of my work there's a good variety at www.artisansmarket.com.
Besides my work you'll also find hand crafted items, paintings, photos, accessories and all kinds of things that our creative minds can produce. You might even like something enough to buy it!

You'll find my work under Deerwoman Designs, and also a little about me.

What do you think makes a piece of jewelry beautiful? What kind of jewelry do you like best?

Besides selling on the Artisans Market website, I have sold my jewelry through shops in the Chicago and northern Wisconsin areas, to friends, at jewelry parties set up for the purpose and through word of mouth.

I buy my materials mainly from wholesale jewelry dealers, the Tucson shows and from friends who import handmade Afghan beads.

I'm just nuts about beads:


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