Saturday, July 17, 2010

I found one!

Another good idea for using hardware in jewelry. let's see what else is out there.

You saw it here first

Hardware Chic

I've been noticing watch parts and new chains turning up on the market and in jewelry. I like the look a lot, the shapes, the textures.

Polly Nobbs La Rue posted a piece on Facebook using watch parts and cold connections (rivets), which appealed to me very much and got me thinking. I ordered some watch parts, and considered them. Most are very delicate, and I haven't decided how to use them yet, as most of my jewelry features wire wrapping connections.

Also on my mind are all the varieties of chains out there in copper, brass, gunmetal and more. I brought home a selection from Tucson and made some items. Then I ordered some and bought more at Bead and Button. What a variety of chain types and colors!

I used some very heavy torch shimmered cable chain from Pashtoon Artifacts with a simple lapis lazuli donut for a bold yet simple style.

Then one day I went to the hardware store to get something and while there I saw all sorts of intriguing shapes and textures in the hardware department. I couldn't resist. I raided my husband's tool box for more shapes and colors. I used the different color chains, gunmetal, brass and copper, for the basis for different color schemes.

Now you can find a growing number of findings and stringing supplies in these same materials from beading suppliers. I used these and copper, silver and gold filled wire to connect everything together. I started making a necklace, some bracelets and earrings, shown here. Thus I created the beginning pieces of my new "Hardware Chic" style. They will be up on my Etsy and 1000 Markets sites soon. Lots of ideas are running through my mind and I'm trying to grab some time to make more.

I wonder who else out there might be using hardware in jewelry. I'd love to see. If you know of anyone using hardware in jewelry, I'd love to see any comments or links. Don't be shy.


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