Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tucson 2010

My husband tending store for friends at Silk Road Treasures .

Russ Nobbs and me at Rings& Things-

Chains at Pashtoon Artifacts

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New Projects

A WEBSITE coming soon..well hopefully real soon I'm creating it on Weebly and am learning as I go. I'll have to make it live to finish a lot of the pieces, so when it does go up I'm sure it will be buggy. The website is for my company Deerwoman Designs, to sell items I have created in the past 10 years or so. At the beginning I will only put up a few test objects to check on how things work. If all goes well, I hope to add international sales as well.

The other sites where I have items for sale have not been productive lately, so I hope this will improve matters.

There's a new Facebook Connect widget here to connect so that you can see the photo galleries and the public parts of my page. There's also a Google Follow Me widget.

I have been planning some more posts on turquoise. These got delayed, but not given up on. I also plan to write a little bit about lapis lazuli as soon as I get the photos done. It is truly an amazing material and I love it as much as I love turquoise. I also had a wonderful time at Tucson this year visiting the booths of my Afghan friends, and of course just gazing at the wonderful displays, wishing I could buy a lot of what I saw. Above is a sample of what I did buy.

While there I also visited the Rings & Things booth at Holidome. I was lucky enough to meet Russ Nobbs there.


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