Monday, February 28, 2011

Hardware Chic

I decided tonight to look up Hardware Chic in Google search. About a year ago I coined the term after designing some jewelry using washers, nuts, bolts, bushings and the like from the hardware store. I had been eyeing watch parts to make jewelry but had not purchased any yet. then I went to the hardware store to buy plastic boxes for organizing beads and things. While there the display of washers caught my eye. Too cool, and close to what I was thinking about for watch parts. So I bought some. Made some jewelry, went back for more, then to buy acrylic paints to paint them. And more pieces were born.

6 months ago I did not find any jewelry using the term "Hardware Chic" per se, though I found some jewelry using various kinds of hardware. Mine was quite different from that. Now, however I have found quite a few actually using this term and even some people giving classes using hardware to make jewelry. So it has caught on. I guess my idea was a good one. I hope they will respond to my comments so I can see what other people are turning out. Creativity and influences are endlessly fascinating to me. I hope you like my creations.

Since It's still too cold to work in my workshop it's about time I added a post to my blog.

And I sold one of my favorite hardware chic necklaces, the double strand shown here on me. This was one of my favorites. Guess I'll have to make more.

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